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What is DAC?

Data Access Worldwide found that DataFlex developers and end users often sought out assistance with their apps or to learn more about DataFlex as a development tool. As a result, the regions were commissioned to find ways to fulfill that need.


DataFlex Application Consultants (DAC), the support team within Data Access North America, was created for that reason - to provide stellar support and services for DataFlex users within North and Central America and the Caribbean.

What is 


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DataFlex, the premier software developed by Data Access Worldwide, is a robust application development platform for creating and deploying business applications. 

Introduced in 1979, DataFlex has never stopped evolving, and has embraced and overcome every challenge time and new technologies have created. It's more flexible, more efficient, and more diverse than it has ever been before.

Want to join a great team?

DAC is always looking for energetic and creative talent for the team! 

Please reach out if you're interested in learning about work opportunities.
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