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Application Modernization

DataFlex applications will run just as they are, but the environments they run in, the industries they're built for, and end users will change.
Eventually it's time to update and modernize!



The next logical step for

Windows applications.

Today's users rely on the constant accessibility of handheld devices, user expectations have changed, and a world of faster more efficient business has evolved.


Empower your users, employees, or clients by extending your Windows app with mobile, web, or Cloud capabilities today.


Character Mode Apps

Dated but not dead.

DataFlex "Character Mode" apps are so stable that there are still many running today that were created over 20 years ago. Now is the time to update them to meet today's standards and expectations. Our worldwide team has comprehensive experience bringing legacy applications into the 21st century. 

It's time for SQL

Stop being limited by the embedded database.

The DataFlex embedded database is stable, and is adequate for many uses. Migrating to SQL, however, expands options for speed, reliability, security. This task can typically be done quickly, and without much overhead.


Convert Legacy Reports

Deliver information with modern techniques

Many DataFlex apps originally had reports integrated using third-party software options. Contact us today to have your reports converted and updated using powerful, modern options. 

Start your DataFlex modernization project today!

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