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Application Creation


Let's create and have some fun together!

The projects we love most are those that allow us to work in close collaboration with another team that wants to make a cool idea a reality! 

DataFlex is malleable and diverse, found in nearly every industry, can easily and quickly scale, and continuously evolves to meet the ever changing technology landscape. 


A Team Approach
Detailed Plans & Schedule
Integration & Ingenuity

Communication is at the heart of everything. Part of the initial stages of app design is developing a plan that can then be parsed into a schedule. Both must come from detailed discussions between all parties. DAC will provide guidance, structure and tools to aid in the creation and maintenance of both.

DataFlex can be integrated with, or connected to, online services and apps. DAC embraces opportunities to leverage such technologies and services to save time/money, but will always be looking for creative and innovative options using cutting edge techniques, trends, and IoT thinking.

DAC doesn't create apps for clients, we create apps WITH clients. From the early planning days to deployment, we promise to keep you engaged in every aspect of the process. We will integrate your idea and needs with modern best practices wrapped with decades of development experience. 

Security & Confidentiality
QA & Testing
Ongoing Support

Developing an app for a business will involve in-depth discussions about a company's internal workings and processes, and, for some, will require working with precious data. DAC's first priority is maintaining strict protocols to maintain a client's privacy, and we guarantee  complete confidentiality.

Quality first - always. A DAC developed app is not fully delivered and deployed until is has gone through extensive testing by both our team and the client. It can be a time consuming part of the process, but one of the most important to guarantee successful integration of a quality, long-lasting app. 

We don't just develop applications, we develop partnerships. We will remain committed to you and your company's success with your app long after it's deployed. We will always be available for training, feature additions, and technology updates. We understand that software must evolve as needs do.

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