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Cloud & Hosting

Focus on what’s important...

your applications and your customers.

Our team is ready to assist you through the complexity of configuring and deploying your applications in the Cloud.
We offer fast, efficient creation of server resources of any size, so you do not have to learn, configure, and manage another new technology and interface.

DAC Cloud Hosting

Why host with us?

Hosting with us removes the burden of regular server maintenance and management. Our knowledge of DataFlex means we understand installation idiosyncrasies and update needs. We leverage the benefits of AWS to benefit you. Instances are secure, backed up, and adjustable as your needs change.

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Moving an existing app?

Many of the DataFlex applications that we host were moved from on-premise server setups, so we are quite familiar with customizing security needs, individual and multi-user login requirements, and SaaS offerings of various sizes. We will work with your team or customers to make the transition as transparent as possible.

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Starting a new service?

Partner with DAC to get your new offering up and running! We have competitive rates that can be easily combined with DataFlex Cloud (see below for licensing options) or SaaS pricing to greatly reduce your startup fees by paying as you go and grow. Let us take on worry about hosting, so that you can focus on your new app!


Bring Your Own DataFlex Licenses

A good option for those moving existing solutions into the Cloud.

You can transfer existing DataFlex licenses or purchase new ones to be deployed on cloud instance(s). Licenses you “bring” will continue to be perpetual, and standard, annual subscriptions can continue to be maintained.

Start Cloud Hosting your apps today!

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