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Crawford Door Sales/Service Company and Colorado Garage Door Service, created a joint venture with DAC to modernize and extend their shared legacy system and produce a state-of-the-art, user-friendly system for use within their separate Windows-based environments or via the web.

THE CHALLENGE - "The DataFlex system they originally used was designed in the 1980’s and worked very well through decades of extensive use," says Jack Baugh, Data Access’ Vice President of Professional Services. "However, to meet or exceed the expectations of today’s users, it really needed to be updated and extended to take full advantage of today’s modern user interface, reporting, emailing, and web technologies."


“Our legacy system was unsupported and unable to keep up with simple advancements in computer technology, which left us with the real possibility that it would fail with no way of recovery. It was a catastrophe waiting to happen." says Michael Hemming, Crawford’s Director of Operations.​

THE NEED - A Cloud-hosted, modernized DataFlex system that would keep up with evolving technologies, streamline reporting and communication both internally and with customers, reduce paper waste, and would be upgradable for future, on-going Windows and web needs. 


THE SOLUTION - DAC created a new Professional Services System (PSS) that directs reports/output to any screen, Windows-based print device, text files, and paperless PDF files using any Windows PDF printer driver. The system emails customer statements, employee paychecks, counter sales invoices, sales order invoices, service order invoices, purchase orders, etc. to their respective contacts. The new PSS uses  existing data which eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming data conversion during the development and implementation process.

THE RESULTS - A happy set of customers with a system that ultimately decreased paper waste, streamlined collections (who doesn't like getting paid faster?!), created better internal and external communication, and is now hosted in an off-site, more secure Cloud environment.

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