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Herfert Software partnered with DataFlex Application Consultants to modernize their industry-leading Chiropractic Practice Management Software that simplifies and streamlines office administrative tasks and move it to the Cloud.

THE CHALLENGE - Herfert Software, a small DataFlex development firm, develops Chiropractic Practice Management Software, a solution for individual and group chiropractors and their staffs in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand.

The software package was originally designed and developed in the 1980’s by the company’s founder using Data Access Worldwide’s original character-mode DataFlex and was later transitioned to Visual DataFlex 7 for Windows. Over time, the company grew to successfully support over 300 users spread across 400 chiropractors’ locations.

Over the next 20+ years, it’s share in the marketplace began to reduce as newer, more contemporary offerings came online.

THE NEEDHerfert needed to better compete in today’s market by offering a modernized, streamlined Windows solution that functioned and looked like current applications are expected to, while maintaining a sense of familiarity for their current customer base. 

Additionally, a custom, mutually beneficial pricing solution was sought, so that Herfert could upgrade the hundreds of current users still running on legacy DataFlex version 7.

THE SOLUTION - DAC quickly migrated Herfert Software’s large, custom 20+ year-old Visual DataFlex 7 software system to DataFlex 20.1. In addition, to meet today’s user expectations, large portions of the application were redesigned to dramatically improve user interfaces with modern tabbed interfaces, screen-stretching technologies, fully integrated selection lists with multiple sorting options, and integrated systemwide pop-up calendars for managing office and physician appointments, etc.

Data Access Worldwide also granted Herfert special bulk-rate license pricing, which enabled them to upgrade their current customer's while maintaining a reasonable margin.

THE RESULTS - “DataFlex Application Consultants were able to assist us with breaking through our previous technology and software-licensing barriers that were preventing us from further modernizing our DataFlex-based software system,” says the firm’s owner Candy Herfert.


“DAC’s modernizations to our DataFlex-based software system have markedly improved our ability to successfully compete with other chiropractic management software systems. Their team has been very responsive to questions and concerns - they have been great to work with!


“Our founder originally chose DataFlex to create our chiropractic practice management software because DataFlex’s reusable software development framework provided the fastest, most powerful, most reliable, and least expensive software development environment to create lasting commercial software applications. Considering that all of this remains true today, I’d say he chose very well.”

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